youtube concept

We believe that the consumer is the core of the brand.
By letting the consumers show the way and inspire NEO, we take their wish for individualism as well as their need for belonging into consideration. We want to give control to the consumers, by letting them be a part of the NEO community as well as forming the brand.

Role: Strategist

Client: Adidas Neo

Deliverable: Youtube Concept


who is adidas neo?

Neo is a sports fashion lifestyle label for teenagers. Neo enables teens to live their style and through the digital community let teens shape & form the label. The goal is to be in every teenager’s wardrobe by 2020.

who are the NEO teens?

NEO target audience are within the age span of 14-19 with the main focus on 17 year olds. They live in a time where individualism amongst teens is important. They are less attached to specific brands and more willing to mix and match to create their own style.

At the same time as individualism is important, they crave belonging by feeling appreciation and acceptance by others. This shows on social media platforms, where the youth has become more attentive and selective to information being shared. Today they use social media to increase their own personal brand.


According to Ypulse, 87% of millennials would like the brands to involve and take notice of the customer opinions before creating the products. Therefore we want to take the interaction with the customers one step further. We believe that the consumer is the core of the brand. We want them to show the way and inspire NEO by sharing their needs and wants, simply through being themselves!

Showing NEO who they are, the customer takes a leading role in product development which gives NEO a good way of knowing what kind of trends and styles to follow. We believe that this is a healthy viewpoint and relationship of mutual sharing of inspiration, which goes back to the very reason brands emerge- seeing a need, more than creating one.