Graphic Designer
Branding - 2019

Boappa was born in 2014 in Sweden, to build bridges between people in communities  and to enable collaboration between neighbors. Missed to buy a bottle of wine to your dinner or need to borrow a drill? Why don't you ask the people around you, to make your everyday life run smoother.


The new wordmark for Boappa was built from the League Spartan typeface , which is inspired by traditional and classic headlines from old books with a twist of modernity, it's a new classic in a single strong weight.

The typeface had some small modifications, which made the design more adjusted to the essence of Boappa. It remains in a modern sans serif font, which stands out with its boldness, but adapted to be understood by everyone. 

The biggest changes in the typeface were made on the descender and ascender of the type, making them a little shorter to make the wordmark more streamlined, and therefore easier to read.


Aa Bb Cc
Dd Ee Ff
Gg Hh Jj

Myriad Pro is a typeface designed by Carol Twombly and Robert Slimbach. It was designed to be a neutral, general-purpose typeface that could fulfill a range of uses and have a form easily expandable by computer-aided design to a large range of weights and widths. It's a well-tested and safe typeface that ensure all users readability and comfort.

This typeface comes with many styles, which give you a lot of flexibility for text composition. It has a large character set with multiple languages, proportional and lining numerals and old-style numerals. This gives the ability to set text in many languages and lets to style numbers how you want.

It is easy to read with a clean character, with open shapes which give a soft, warm feeling and it has become a popular choice for both print text or screens. 

Because of its readability, well-drawn letter proportions, clean and accessibility, Myriad Pro – has been adopted by a wide variety of small and large companies alike. Noteworthy companies using the Myriad typeface include Apple, Wells Fargo, Modern Telegraph, Nippon Airways and various North American universities (including the University of Nevada, the University of Ottawa) and JYSK.