Graphic Deigner + Strategist - 2016

We were approached by Head & Shoulders, to come up with a idea of how they should communicate out to a younger taget audience. Since we only had 72 hours to go, we threw ourselves in right into work.



The age group who Head & Shoulders were interested in are between 18 - 24 and are a part of millennium generation, which is set between the ages of 18 - 30.

The millennials are the generation who have grown up during the time we stepped in to the 20th century, who has grown up with technology, been surrounded by commercials since a very young age and are very aware of advertisements and when they don't feel authentic to the brand. Therefore, I usually call them the Sceptical Generation.

Since they are also surrounded with posts from everywhere on social media, the message a brand delivers must contain emotional value as well, to get the attention of the millennials and create brand value for them.

So how can we capture the millennials with authentic and emotional material, using the Head & Shoulders brand

Storytelling is a powerful tool to captivate the audience and create an emotional bond between the brand and the customer, in other words, its is a strong method to create a more personal connection between these two.

Science has proven that when the brain experience an emotionally-charged event, the brain releases dopamine, which will make you feel happiness makes it easier to remember with greater accuracy. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps to control the brains reward and pleasures centre, and it enables us to take action towards them.

Therefore, by creating a emotional experience using storytelling, the consumer will not only be happy and remembering the brand, the consumer will want seek the brand again. In a survey made by the New York Times, it became even more clear that storytelling is important, when they found out that 92% of all consumers wanted their ads to be more like stories.

Ever gone to the bathroom and forgotten your phone? Nightmare.


How many times have you not gone to the bathroom, and grabbed whatever is in the shower, just to have something to read?

When we researched, we found out that the average person is spending 1,5 years of his or hers life in the bathroom and we believe that it would be a perfect opportunity to enlighten all that time with a stories, with Head and Shoulders, in their natural habitat.

We want to put an engaging stories on the shampoo and the conditioner, that combined together has builds the beginning and the ending of a story. We want to post real-life positive stories, that feels genuine, puts a smile on the consumer and feels like a breath of fresh air with all of the worlds drama that is going on right now.

There will be a different stories on every shampoo + conditioner in the Head & Shoulder range, and we will be update the packagings with new stories every third month, so the customer can still use their favorite shampoo in the range.
68% of the Millenials will more likely become a loyal customer, if the brand involves them on social media, therefore a QR - code on the package will help the consumer to share the positive content from Head & Shoulders social medias.